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Instagram offers many excellent possibilities to make vast sums of money with little or no financial capital invested.  Below are some strategies to help you make a substantial amount of money on Instagram:

1. Become a drop shipper

Dropshipping sounds too easy to be accurate, but it works well, and it pays. Dropshipping allows you to sell physical products before you order them. This will save you storage and shipping costs. When customers submit orders, your supplier will charge you the product’s price and ship it to the customer, thus allowing you to keep the profit, and you are not required even to hold an inventory. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to worry about packaging or shipping procedures. Make a point of researching the entrepreneur magazines to learn more about dropshipping. 

2. Become an influencer

If you follow the entrepreneur news, you may have heard of such influencers because many small and medium-sized businesses use influencers for marketing their products on Instagram. If you can build an authoritative personal brand on Instagram, other companies will then pay you to promote their products on your Instagram page. Many budding entrepreneurs dream of overnight success, but any business magazine will teach you that success needs vision, planning, and commitment. Therefore, be patient and take time to work on your brand.

3. Create and sell digital products

In addition to promoting other brands, you can also design digital products such as e-books and sell others such as online courses. You can also offer virtual assistance (VA) to Instagram influencers as most people struggle to set their pages ablaze with followers. Other digital products include filtering sponsorship requests, identifying fake followers, and running ads, among others. Read the business news to learn or more digital products to sell.

Many startup businesses want to advertise their products and services online. Still, they lack the required expertise to design the ads to capture the audience’s attention creatively. You can fill in the gap by generating good captions and graphics for your clients. You can also design and write captions for those businesses without in-house content data. To attract such companies, you can start by updating your portfolio by creating a highly engaging short-form copy. 

4. Create and sell physical products on Instagram

If you have designed or manufactured a product, Instagram offers a great platform to market it. You need to have high-quality photos and videos and post them consistently on Instagram. People can then buy from those photos and videos. There’s an additional advantage because Instagram is free for small businesses.

5. Become an Instagram affiliate

Instagram also offers you the opportunity to make money by promoting products of other businesses as an affiliate. All you need to do is find the online sites that can connect you to the firms willing to pay you to sell their products. You can also work on sponsored posts for particular brands interested in reaching your audience, thereby making you the perfect medium for that task.